Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Jive Turkeys on Colemine records

Terry from Colemine Records got in touch the other day about his soul & funk label he's been running out in Middletown, Ohio. Seems his dad was a big time 45 collector and Terry grew up trying to get his friends in second grade to listen to the Heartbreaks instead of NKOTB, the label eventually started as a way to legitimize his band's release, but it worked the other way around and he's stuck with a serious label pushing twenty releases at least...and a sweet hammond organ t-shirt which I have to remember to order before they sell out. The first one I grabbed was from Cincinnati locals the Jive Turkeys, a four piece who've been playing together as Soundscape, a hip hop project for years until their love for the raw stripped down break beat narrowed that one element of Soundscape down to instrumental FUNK and The Jive Turkeys. Leave everything else behind, focus and the beat and getting down in a pitch perfect homage to the late '70s porn soundtrack.

"B.A." made me say" oh good god damn I need this old dirty jam" completey instrumental, jamming on that high register wah sound. The soul guitar and that groovy organ working together perfetly in sync, hitting the end of that measure stopping...just...a....second and DOWN on that final beat, solo out the electric, this is nailing that superfly, across 100th street sound. You have to move to this. Jzzy strumming, I'm hearing crazy fashion, and bellbottoms. Such a killer drum break on this, and played live, it's too much, couldn't there be room for a kind of pimp Tortoise sound out of Cincinnati? Well, there is now. I keep asking myself if this is a reissue or cover version because they'r hitting this style dead on. Give me an old VHS player, I have to pimp slap someone.

"Chicken foot" is just as full of groove, but a little bit looser with a hefty bass line and guitar noodling with that airy hammond organ, jabbing around, almost taking on an electric guitar feel... a slower groove than that A-Side but this one is going a new direction with that organ driving this one. The wacka guitar is just to support that head shaking organ. Live, there would be applause after these solo's like an old jazz record. Lots of false stops and starts, all playing second position to this expert drum rhythm. You find a guy like this that can deliver a solid, delicate and complex beat like this you better treat him right, he's a hard one to come by. Expert dirty funk, not precious at all with this raw party. Hell yes.

Plain sleeve, big hole 45, should have found a scratched dusty copy years ago, but no this was presssed up recently...spinning below:

Get it from Terry at Colemine who learned it from watching YOU dad!

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