Friday, November 2, 2012

Cheap Time on Sweet Rot Records

There's no one out there like Cheap Time. There's no one so faithfully working in this Dictators, Richard Hell, Dolls vein, bringing back all that over the top glam rock sound in a way that's even better than the original stuff. It's not a surprise really, everything Jeff Novak has a hand in ends up with this incredible polish and energy.

"Other Stories" on the A-Side is probably the biggest late '70s pop punk sounding rock track yet from these guys. Driven by this rough, gutsy uncomplicated guitar chord sound, Jeff snarls through bad ass rock and roll lyrics about your sister being a bitch and matching twins with tattoo's on their arms, it's working on both levels. At first all I can hear is this blown out rock wall, power chords and piano stabs, it's got their signature tough and catchy sound while still sounding like they're half messing around, goofing on the whole scene and then a few plays later the lyrics start coming in over this punk kidney punch and it just gets better and better. These guys are the whole package making smart, impeccably crafted epic pop punk that gets even better live.
Flip it over and the B-Side "In This World" plays with this back and forth sort of punky blues rhythm, they're really getting more and more punk leaning these days from the sound of this single. The chorus of Jeff's singing "Nothing in the this world will do!" and the muted heavy burst chord ending on this one carries this weird kind of tension through Jeff's maniacal snotty delivery. That timeless nihilism with a sweet layered piercing solo. You really have to pat attention when someone puts together a list of grievances like this. The most exciting praise of that Johnny Thunders, Stranglers, Stiv Bators early punk sound, with his own thick, meaty production chops to take this to another level. You already know if you have to have this, if they weren't nice enough to send this along I'd be looking for it at any record store that was still open in the metro ny area. I know it doesn't make much sense.

Get this from Canada's Sweet Rot Records who reminded me:

Back in March 2007, Sweet Rot’s second ever release was the debut 7″ by Cheap Time. A couple of years later we released a single by front man Jeffrey Novak. Now Sweet Rot is pleased to continue the collaboration with a new two-song 7″ which comes hot on the heels of the band’s quite great “Wallpaper Music” LP on In the Red Records. These two new songs – “Other Stories” and “In This World” – are a prime example of what a 70s sounding glam punk single should be – short, well written and produced, and super catchy. We feel these songs perfectly complement each other and think fans of the band’s previous work will too.

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