Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thresholder self released single

This single from Thresholder came in the other day from Mike W, and other than this pretty abstract tumblr, I've had some trouble finding out anything about these guys. If it weren't for the Styrofoam Drone there would be literally nothing online anywhere. I can take an air of mystery...but really... no bandcamp, no soundcloud, I tracked down a video, but literally the only way to hear any bit of Thresholder is to put the record on. This hazy cloud of mystery bleeds over to the vinyl with it's chorus-y, doubled guitar cloud and slowly building rhythms of "Beyond the Far Horizon". A couple of echo'd guitars play off each other alongside delicate sounding cymbal work from A.S., building up this slightly sinister rhythm for booming drum hits. A massive, cavernous sound that only comes through on vinyl...those toms benefit from this kind of room to rumble along with the long delay of guitars and doubled vocals that flutter in, breathy and deliberately abstracting any kind of meaning in it's buried delivery.
The track manages to work around these two distinct feelings, this soaring optimistic instrumental chorus section with high register guitars in all out twinkly solo mode and the primal sounding, heavy hitting verse sections with possibly sinister vocal delivery. It's all done in a dense shoegaze style, building up the layers and tearing them back down. By the time they hit the end of this it's an abrupt screech of organ keys? Which I didn't even hear creeping up. I keep listening for it in the mix and missing it, but then I keep forgetting how we ended up here in the first place.
The B-Side "Cold Sun" has them determined to pick up that tom centered pace and this feels more like Pop. 1280, that jangle fog coming out if the garage this time. A little bit more greaser style, sunglasses and attitude. An east coast Jacuzzi Boys... taking the spring reverb of Ty and the psych from the Fresh and Onlys and turning this smoke to 11. This driving rhythm pounding away, the guitar strums as much of a percussion hit as these thundering drums. That distance awash over everything, this is being played from the next house over, the next town over. Phaser sweeps and metallic jangle, two guitars and drums coming from underneath you, buried in the earth.

You don't get to live tomorrow / You just get to be today

On black vinyl, with secret gutter messages and handstamped cautions on the center label, that pic must have been taken in Queens? I'm guessing near the Socrates Sculpture park on the picturesque LIC side, send these guys an email and it's yours. neilson133 at

This video below is from the B-Side track, "Cold Sun" live from the Quarc HQ, which is out in Ridgewood, Queens, a venue with even less info....these guys are ghosts.

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