Thursday, December 20, 2012

Flexi Series on Joyful Noise Records

I was minding my own business this morning and happened to be looking to see what was out there on ebay from Battles because I kind of wanted to see how that album has aged in the past few years. It felt like some kind of shift...the beginning of something insane and there still isn't anything really like it. So that led me down the Don Cab road and this new live album I've never heard of "Gang Banged with a Headache" on Joyful Noise Records. Leave it to Don cab to have the best possible name for their live record... and that would have been enough...but then their Flexi Disc series caught my eye...ok, that's crazy, I was just thinking about how no one takes advantage of that crazy format much anymore. If it weren't for PIAPTK or Saved by Vinyl, I think they'd be all but extinct altogether. Then you take a look at the artists lined up for this and it's time to head over there and add it to your cart. You can get this awesome wood box to live in, or go loose for $7/month.

Here We Go Magic
Helvetia w/ mbrs of Built To Spill
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
Rob Crow
Son Lux
The Sea And Cake
Sufjan Stevens & Cat Martino

My goal this year is to subscribe to as many year long series as possible so I can just sit back and listen. The way I see it, that's twelve less records I have to remember to buy and track down. Some people like to go out and pick up the paper every day, but it's even better when it just shows up at your house.

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