Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Forbidden Dimension flexi on Saved By Vinyl

I first found out about Saved by Vinyl, thanks to this flexi from Cousins. It's been years since I've come across those thin flexi discs and it's pretty nuts that plants are still pressing them. Turns out, Paul over at Single File posted that these were given away with copies of Beatroute magazine. I checked all over that site and it seems impossible to get back issues and this crazy one sided flexi might be equally out of print from the label as well.

The Forbidden Dimension have been around since 1988, but even more shocking is the horror-billy halloween style these guys have been carrying around in their hearts. This track "Tor Johnson Mask" is working in a hyper cramps style, sleazy attitude with great organ bursts peeking through this surfy tiki power punk. Huge distortions with gritty, squealing metal solos that line up and oscillate in harmony to get those hyper synth sounds. Could be a futuristic White Zombie recorded in super high fi. The organ underneath is going straight for B-movie madness and that high sustained screeeeeeee from this electric means there's going to be fire exploding off the end of the stakebed truck they towed to the desert to set off pyrotechnics that aren't allowed within city limits. A single triangle chime punctuates the insane harmonics of that processed distortion. This is definitely the kind of narrative storytelling about the dusty road full of demons and the supernatural done in a glittery metal punch style. Out of this world, sci-fi rock with a bluesy delivery, the theme to a car chase opening scene from halloween 1987. The creep is right behind you, it's all over.

Single sided clear flexi from Saved by Vinyl, who also put out their full length The Golden Age of Lasers. You also might want to appeal to the band direct and see if they have any extras of these you could take off their hands, you'd be surprised.

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