Monday, January 21, 2013

Fumaca Preta on Music with Soul records

I stopped in over at Tropicalia in Furs a while back to pick up some singles from Music with Soul Records they had contacted me about. Little did I know then that Joel behind the counter was the vocalist for Fumaca Preta on this single...last time found these guys playing somewhere between classic funk and scuzzy garage. This 7" continues to combine those two not so different different styles into this no-brainer, peaking-out funky chaos.

A-Side's "Vou-me Libertar" screeches scary straight off - from the horror house organ sound just blasting, peaking out in the red to the huge stabs, cutting swaths of that treble filled harshness into the opening grooves. Then Joel is just screaming slightly distorted lyrics that sound like a mix between languages, probably curse words work in any country, but it's also working in that Cramps distort vocal style that has everything to do with the passion here. He's really upset about something under the conga solo, this huge percussion working on all levels, but that b-movie organ is pure Halloween. Paul's blues yelps help spread the creep vibe. This organ goes completely mental in a solo moment, totally devolving into a real accidental broken output but I think they actually are trying to make these noises. It's on edge, jittery and a little bit out there while staying fun and lighthearted but I still wouldn't really have them over to meet the parents, you know what I mean?

"Eu Era um Cão" on the B-Side makes room for an out of control electric dirty-as-hell sound, with some serious synth lasers. This electric sound is incredible… an angry, compressed, super fuzz, soloing all over the middle east. The percussion is muffled and gradually starts to slow down right into the heavy funk. Really great transition and Paul is like the spanish John Spencer. Dirty, in the gutter growl and bravado but in a late '70's almost metal style. I'm liking where these guys going…taking this kind of sleazy sound and making it truly weird. There's no mistaking this for that classic funk your dad used to dust off in the closets, this is a real maniac desperate sound. These synths are blasting away in their own Afrika Bambaataa style. It always amazed me that Parliament so easily combined that future fantasy idea with the funk...that wasn't supposed to be cool at all. Fumaca Preta is equally pulling it off. A crazy track that raises the level of funk and manages to work in that garage rock laid back feel because they are a bunch of weirdos putting this stuff all out there at once. Impressive…and adds a new dimension to that record store, seriously this guy is deep in it, all records all the time. I get it.

Pick this up from the Music with Soul site or I'd bet there are copies in the racks at Tropicalia in Furs, he might even be able to sign one for you, super nice guy, great store.

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