Sunday, February 3, 2013

In These Black Days - Sabbath covers box set on Hydrahead

The darkest black magicks has put this tempting sell your soul package together from Hydrahead: all six singles from a legendary split series of noise/post/metal bands covering Black Sabbath. What does this sound like? How does Anal Cunt cover "Blow on a Jug" in 16 seconds? Only a select few maniacs are ever going to know. It could be you.

Go check out the tracklist on the wiki page, there's no way this stuff is going to end up on CD anytime soon...would so love to hear this stuff, amazing package and unreleased covers of Black Sabbath from this crazy list of noise dudes? Cash out my 401K. This is a real investment.

A full collection of original pressing IN THESE BLACK DAYS 7"s, featuring covers of classics from The Masters of doom-y metal (you know to whom we refer...), by some of the most significant bands in hardcore and metal. All the original 7"s have been looong out of print. The 7"s included in the box were saved from the original pressings for this purpose, and it's only now that we finally got around to making a box worthy of housing them all together...

- Comes in a custom silkscreened box.
- the collection is extremely limited, less than 100 pieces made.
- Vinyl colors are a random assortment.

Includes tracks (most exclusive to this collection) by:
Anal Cunt
Brutal Truth
Today Is The Day
Soilent Green

Pick it up over here.


  1. I got one! it was $100 but it came with the AC 7" on light blue which usually sells for over $100 alone.

  2. Holy christ, nice one. I really had to try hard not to click paypal on this one.