Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Dirty Feathers on Bad Clone Records

The Dirty Feathers, a five piece out of Champaign, IL got in touch a while ago and sent in this big psych single in to the 7inches. Their debut on Bad Clone Records, is the beginning of a series of reinterpreting those classic psych Hawkwind, Blue Oyster Cult friend Josh played me this Godzilla video the other day super bad ass.

"Pistol Hills" on the A-Side starts out with a delicate acoustic/banjo style until the rest of this thick psych modern sound comes in on the downbeats... that initial melody is still in the background of this but a great kind of Floyd style blows in. That 70s psych-y, huge produced sound (is that a flute back there?) with a real groovy proggy songwriter feel. They move out of the dark ages with a dirty, screeching guitar, clearly breaking with this Yes feel and carrying this forward. Impeccably constructed. A little bit medieval like the '90s The Church. A weird english dark and sad sound that here eventually turns on itself and gets angry when it dissolves into the psych side of things. A Sisters of Mercy/Danzig sound, this thing really howls going from a measured grind to letting completely loose with a different kind of dark. I think this wants to be structured and slightly prog sounding and then it gets all freaky and blown out.

B-Side's "Echo Hands" takes that little blues riff opening line and opens it up to split it right down the middle into a clean, precise Hot Lunch sound. Take those late '70s classic rock sounds... the distortion hint in the vocals and a glam, t-rex slight of hand. Big trucated riffs, explosions of fills, vocals rising into an epic experience with distortions syncing up and even keyboards lending a hand. This one gets right to a banging psych, all kick drums beating out the main rhythm and shifting down into a slower groove. Winding through the riffs, allowing for that soulful slow verse and then onto banging, pure emotion and release of the echo hand. a bluesy '70s psych, sounds like today in structure and production, but with that same kind of abandon and style as their predecessors.

Pick this up over on their bandcamp page.

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