Monday, May 13, 2013

Interview with Keith from Scioto Records

I sat down a couple weeks back to talk with Keith from Scioto Records to talk about the split his band, The Black Swans did with legendary folk psych artist Ed Askew. He and a bandmate Jerry ended up producing and engineering Ed's latest unreleased record which should come out later this year. We talked about some of his other incredible releases including a Brian Harnetty single based on the archival recordings from Sun Ra which he turned into an installation at Riffe gallery in Columbus. Scioto is branching out into cassette releases and possibly even full length records in the future but look for a single from Enon/Blonde Redhead Toko Yasuda's PLVS VLTRA in the coming months.

I'm anxious to cover these singles shortly but had to get the backstory about this experimental, avant-rock label and have since picked up a couple of these great shirts as well.

The tracks you'll hear during the interview are Food Service "Golden Buckeye", Ed Askew "My Best Friend", The Black Swans "Noctilucent Angel", Brian Harnetty “Hamm, are you there?”and The Caribbean "The 65 Cent Dinner", all available at Scioto Records.

You can stream the interview below or download the MP3 here (22mb)


  1. This is a fantastic discussion for anyone who loves music to be able to listen to.


    and Thank you!

  2. Such an amazing discussion for anyone who loves music to be able to listen to.

    and Thanks!