Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Conjunto Pap Upa on Music with Soul records

Photo courtesy Fleamarketfunk

What I get from these singles on Electric Cowbell, Music with Soul and Colemine is how much cross pollination is inevitably going on across geography and genres. The weird mixes that have been going on as other musical cultures take elements from each other and then a new generation crosses them with whatever things they've rediscovered or forgotten. The result is sometimes this classic modern and timeless stuff that will go on to inspire more kids after them. Conjunto Pap Upa features Venezuelan Alex Figueira and Baldomero Verdú on percussion.

A-Side's "Vintage Voudou" comes in with polyrhythmic low end kick / conga (?) joined by a sandpaper clap and already this is a heavy thud 4/4 with as many instruments as could possibly be involved. A dreamy atmospheric guitar makes an appearance before the these two come in on vocal with a heavy southern feel and I'm talking way down south by the equator. The stutter electric is burnished and warm with a kind of island feeling - tropical but restrained and modern in these weird combinations of sticks, and claps with smatterings of rhythm under that minimal sound. Slow and chanting this phrase over and over taking its time to get this track settled, never wavering in front of Baldomero's beats.

B-Side's "Camuri chico" uses that low end tom / conga, a thousand strong, the shaker and chorus filled guitar, this combo is great, I even hear some of those Panda Bear elements. A screechy Farfisa filling this massive space blares in over a loudspeaker, a nice contrast to this deliberate slowly moving, clean electric. That organ is a celebration of the opening of a haunted house turned night club. Heavy reverb over there and on these shakers. Organ goes solo really taking center stage moving to the head of this thing, loosing it's mind for for a while. An Ennio Morricone western riff finds a path between airy jabs. The southern hemisphere rhrythms combined with the southwest of the US? You see what I mean?

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