Monday, March 24, 2014

Dancer on Guitars and Bongo's records

My two favorite kinds of records at the moment are #1) digging deep into '80s post punk on blogs like this one where this woman listens to 'all the stupid records in her husbands record collection' and she mentioned this Au Pairs record which is perfect and the endless amounts of glammy junk garage rock that's being created these days....or maybe it always was I just started really noticing now. There's too many to even list and within this genre are a million variations and the guys in Dancer have the perfect combination of loose, raw power punk and attitude.

I really love this sleeve, these guys do not seem like the most likely collection of dudes to be rocking together and that title lyric tp A-Side's "My Car Drives Fast" comes right in like the perfect garage practice space their glitter curtain a perfect backdrop with the letterman jacket. Gently rumbling in like Nobunny with that snarl jangle reverb and depth. Snotty, about cars and girls and he never goes slow. Loose and rough these guys come off like Hunx meets Natural child. Just taking it easy man, it's Friday. Got some money in the bank and cruise past the burger place parking lot, roll the windows down if it's getting hot. I wonder if Coney Island someday will have a Miami Beach scene. Rev up the muscle car - but these guys are sensitive that's what I'm saying, they aren't the sort of greaser that's going to kick your ass, they would just ignore you. From oakland, of course they are. They know Shannon and Cody, grew up with them lighting firecrackers and trading practice amps probably.
B-Side's "Jodi" has a high treble jangle but this is mostly buried in distortion and brings out that faster side, these guys have harmonies dammmit and tough dreamin'. Matthew Melton has to have been to one of their parties at least. Something of a glam sound to this one, hitting that sweet spot between not so serious and extremely together with the planning of these harmonies and changes, that melody don't come easy.

Next up is a JD and the Believers cover "Do Ya Blame Me" which is more bubblegum shiny but they still make this loose and fun though. I think this kind of attitude isn't lazy for the material but more of a nod to the listener that they would actually fight if they had to. Don't be mistaken, it's almost so fun you might get the wrong idea. Calvin Johnson's idea of being so not punk that it's punk gain. Big echo on the vocal here and the ahhh oooo's are strong and in every verse. If Sonny and the sunsets did a garage record you might get something like this.

Pick it up from Guitars and Bongos, only one of which appear on this single. God dammit they have a Greg Ashley single, he's number three on my list.

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