Friday, March 7, 2014

Slushy on Randy Records

Randy Records have been after my heart since their Uh Bones single and I've been working my way through the catalog ever since. I know it's way too early to start comparing them to Columbus Discount, Hozac or In The Red but damn this is a helluva start, and I'm super into this duo from Chicago, Slushy. Brent via It's Psychedelic Baby said about the recording - "It was last summer, on an extremely hot day and I was very ill."

A-Side's "Candy" - It figures these two laid back sunglasses types in front of a psych swirl would have laid down slow quivering vibes of echoplex pedal phasered reverb. All the plans they would have made but they're thinking about Candy. Like Hunx they've gone straight back to the gymnasaium and hung out the 'Welcome Home' letters with glitter and slowed down their staple slow dance number to wade through molasses chord changes. They've barely been able to keep up any kind of tempo on this watery jam, but it's clear and grungy that name making more and more sense. A duo of landlocked surfer types who flew forward in time to hypnotize?

B-Side "Pocket" - That A-Side just sounded like a classic tune you could spin over and over and get a little obessed with. This one starts with a tough muted chord strum and picks up to blow out with that heavy echo on the vocal and metallic strum, a broken surf sound trapped in a metal box, a thin aluminum box that's vibrating. There isn't a sound wave that hasn't ended up hitting a solid surface and reflecting off into a hundred of it's own. As super catchy as the A-side, like Wounded Lion or Khan or Nobunny; a fun loving loose sound that professes nothing but good times in a bouncy reverb, harkening back to catching rays and hanging ten. (You bastards. Here comes more snow.)

The washed out inner center label is a nice touch, this thing has been around a while on the dashboard of someone's car before they remembered to bring it in and put it on the turntable. Get yours from Randy. Does he have a subscription club already? Those sweet orange and pink splattered ones are LOOOONG gone.

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