Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tropical Trash on Sophomore Lounge Records

Tropical Trash are back it with a nightmare Pee Wee's playhouse in black and white on their latest on Sophomore Lounge Records. The Louisville trio plays hard and fast always managing to cram in the tracks and complicated noise into your earholes.

"Tremblin in the Pus pipe" gets right into that thunderous sound of impossibly complex drum arrangements of bashing fills. Heavy and blasting in full off kilter effects and some grungey bass but separated into multicolored strands, it isn't some huge congealed wall, all these separate pieces are coming for you, ominous and frightening, like the dark art punk of These Are Powers with more emphasis on the fear and metal. There's something almost industrial on "Eggers Banquet" the distorted vocals over a mutated foreign guitar and these guys sing off each other in a far off wail. Feedback squeals though an entire verse and these drums never rest, it's a constant spazz pulsing while the tape winds down and explodes.
"Drinking Man's Scab" has yelling in unison with riffs plowing in single file with a really frantic bass line, if it weren't for these Damon che drum fragments it would be a lot like Mayyors even - heavy hitting with that kind of collective power. I like they're collecting all these pieces and not just going loud and fast because they're covering something up, it's controlled chaos wandering into dark ccorners blasting one of those huge rows of lights from their clown jeep. Trust me you don't want to see who's driving it anyway.

Heavy crunch riffs up and down the frets open B-Side's "Ritual Bath" relying on these odd combinations for new sounds. Somewhere between all the tones they've actually created getting that third tone that comes out of the combinations. This one is real pop like a fast and pounding Hot Snakes with that yelling taking a new twist. They get experimental and weird but work togetehr take those elemnts somewhere else. This there's math involved but it's really just adding large easy numbers, no showing off equations. This starts to show it's breakdown point and solos off the tracks but lands on a highway below to keep grinding along. Like that sleeve sometime you have a good time at that crazy house but it can also be a freaking nightmare. Don't try to fight it. These guys excel at both.

All black center label and vinyl on Sophomore Lounge, this isn't messing around, looking pretty or anything.

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