Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Yolks on Randy Records

I've been over it before guys, you know it by now, Randy Records is pressing up essential singles over there in Chicago, which is still getting snowed on, sorry guys. This one is from locals The Yolks who you also should know aren't new, these guys have been around for at least seven years now and put out a full length back in '09. Still coming up with crowd pleasers these two new ones are hand crafted in small batches in bathtubs. Not exactly USDA inspected or sanitary.

A-Side's "2 Dollars Out the Door" launches right into that title lyric with what seems like the chorus but switches to a harmonized doo wop '50's trio with the guys going jacked up Beach Boys behind Nathan belting this one out with that bit of overblown distortion running through the mic. Someone cranked up the gain just a little bit too much again. It was that frantic surf party feel that made him do it, all the 'wa wa waaaaoooo's' forcing this right onto the peeling checkered floor. Not that they're taking any of this too seriously except to hit that punk party rhythm immediately and not waste time dragging the track anywhere else. This is the spot I like, I'm going to party right here, no sense in walking all over kingdom come for the same PBR. The mics pick up on someone saying 'nailed it' at the end of this and I really want to believe with all my heart this was recorded all at once in the same room in just a few takes. They've cut their teeth for long enough - just hit record Randy. Sign these guys up to a seven LP deal, nationwide tour supporting Natural Child or something, they need to whip the crowd up before the bongs come out for the openers.

B-Side's "Pretty Thing" opens on a tortured scream and some distanced serious twang electric. A bad ass harmonica also buried in reverb from Nathan's brother, Spencer. He Blues Brothers in between Nathan's versus while Aaron is banging on some cardboard boxes Doo Rag style. Slapping old beer bottle together this has all that crazy junk blues and soul of One Foot in the Grave. As damaged as those ancient recordings an old demo from a blues obsessed English rock band from the '70s with that swampy Cramps style danger and absurdity to this. The metallic strings ringing out in the same chord while this harmonica takes over, doubling up in multiple tracks. I'm sure this was originaly released on 78 or one of those hard acetates and they found at a garage sale. Thank god they just took the '60s garage band aesthetic and welded it right to an old washboard and it's awesome. Salvation on a two song single. Old tyme religion.

The insert here name drops everyone awesome you also know and love; Nobunny, Shannon, Cococoma, Heavy Times and everyone else who ever put out a record with Randy or partied with these guys - you know who you are. Get this from Randy Records. God Dammit you've done it again Randy.
I hope one day to order quick enough to get my hands on a personalized center label by the man himself.

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