Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thee Tee Pees on Manglor Records

I know you might be thinking "Man there's a lot of Manglor records releases lately." and you wouldn't be wrong. I'm starting to get the idea of the sound they're really after, like the scuzzy Farfisa powered jams on this single from Thee Tee Pees. Starting with A-Sides "Bitching titties" they aren't kidding with that cover. Really committing to this idea, dead serious about their love for that body part and as long as they are equally ridiculous about everything else it's hard to have a problem with it. You really have to love a band this not afraid to offend with equal parts Nobunny and Wounded Lion with rougher edges and hardcore punk leanings. Oh would the track "I think I like Your Sister Better" help? I knew it would. This follows that rock blues template. Take the chorus slide the whole thing and change a fret or two and repeat. Repeat that title over and over in a gruff snotty delivery blowing out the mic. Already this thing is completely damaged but you've delivered it completely into the red this time. Now it's swung the other way into funny because they obviously can barely hold it together to come up with an anthem that does its best to shock. It's the snottiest sloppy garage, beer cans shaken before opening, chain link fences surrounding the stage but loveable in how crass they are. I'm sure I wouldn't want to have these guys over to meet grandma but she's got a sense of humor and life at the rest home is pretty boring.

B-Side's "Robot Love" meets rough, gritty chords with pop high melodies of the Farfisa that's just met its match in cheapness. That thin static crunch and synth sounding weirdness just means these guys are self aware of how insane they sound and aren't even trying hard and that's what makes them seem better. It's just enough Jorge on drums tripping on themselves to get this revved up faster, all nervous and frantic with the robot Kama Sutra. Rabid howling like screaming Jay Hawkins and his demented crazed look underneath the jokes. Something a little bit - well just enough off. Distorted and plowing ahead, chanting yelled vocals and I want lurid details about these trash cans. Is he keeping it classy on this one? Not now! "Thee Tee Pee Tango" Indian wo wo wo's I do love this sleeve and the civil war surgery on the reverse. Just the right kind of fucked up. I hope this is some metaphor for docking, they are equal opportunity offenders. It takes the right kind of audience for this and they draw a line right in the middle of loveable drunks. Just watch those hands. Dammit.

Jason from Manglor says these dudes have a full length of debauchery coming up soon. I'm betting on a lot of songs and most of them you better not let your kids read the lyrics. Thanks Manglor. Get it.

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