Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lovely Legs on Swashbuckling Hobo Records

More awesomeness from australia. I’m going to just admit it. I am working for the Australian music council. They pay me to blog about singles from over there. Don’t let that stop you from checking these guys out, just lay off rest of the world. 7inches is trying to get paid.
Lovely Legs is four guys who claim to be combining country with a mess of punk over there. I don’t know if they know what cowboying is, all I hear is scuzzy blown out punk. I WISH contry even had the tiniest bit of anything to do with this kind of sound, we might have to reexamine the whole genre.

A-Side’s "Broad Daylight" is spazzy punk that brutish thuggish stuff that comes out of the alley and just starts smacking you around. I barely heard this quick bassline come flying out from behind a dumpster and this feedback came in and finished me off. Choppy and jagged, they hardly get the instrumentation wrapped around these changes. Pretty effortless vocals I have never seen you in the broad daylight and whats this name about anyways. For some reason I've been thinking about the violent femmes and the kind of weird snotty balls they had on that first record. I know I and everyone else played it to death, but I'm trying to imagine what that must have been like when it came out in 1983. A little bit like this, a side road of punk with no rhythm, no sense of timing, nothing that anyone else has previously beaten to death. All those are good things, you want your punk to at least be authentic and it only gets that way by not caring about what they're doing too much. "On My Knees” has the scratchiest metallic guitar bleeding through a tin can amp, a complete treble explosion, all static pieces shattering, jangle junk guitar running riffs over and over, possibly overdubbed. There's layers but the out of tune guitars don't care, there's a beat back there but it isn't directing anyone, its the kind of sloppy mess that just comes together in an unexpected way, even changing tempo like they're running out of steam. Just like this shitty drawing on the cover, a zoomed in portrait on a napkin. This one is yelling, he's on his knees. The yolks sounded a little like this, really into their messy sound, the four tracks here are aces so far and the spirit of this is definitely in the right place.

B-Side’s "I Hunt Chicks" is starting to reveal a theme here geniuses, this one has a weird surf back and forth rhythm that attempts to drive you crazy but is sort of a hillbilly sound, the out of tune chord sliding just seals the fate of these guys, it's barely a serious attempt now, string some of those country notes together and get weird on the homemade stuff. Oh wait, now I see what they were talking about. 'Everybody Knows" tightens things up and gets dangerous again. When they're fired up like this I don't want it to end, they’re sounding like the Urinals or a crazy version of the Yips. I’ve also been listening to Big Lizard in my Backyard and this isn't far from that either. A lot less attention to detail but the core values are there, or I mean lack of. I've come to realize what a lifesaver "Tiny Town" was, practically my anthem growing up,. I probably drove everyone crazy singing it all the time like some kind of asshole. Thanks Joe Jack Talcum and Lovely Legs.

Oh and let me tell you something else, Swashbuckling Hobo releases this but guess who has it stateside? Easter Bilby baby. All of this Australian flavor I’ve been covering is carried over there.

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