Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Johnny Ill Band on Dusty Medical Records

It happens to the best of kids. They start off innocent and sincere. Ignorant of hardships they write and play hilarious, laid back jangly tunes in a hexagonal lodge with some cocktails. Soon that cruel unforgiving world they have to fight every day turns them into hard ass men who purchase distortion pedals and play faster and harder with a mean edge. The lodge becoming a distant memory and the pleasant cocktails replaced with shots of whiskey. This is the story of the latest single on Dusty Medical Records from The Johnny Ill Band.

Johnny is back on the scene with A-Side’s "Post Office" coming on psychedelic with this swirly synth opening, the modulation wheel used and broken. Damn this is going heavy and Johnny pulled out distortion on vocals. Anrgy Johnny, I know missing a lot of the lyric about going to the post office but it’s about getting emotional here. There's a theatrical, massive sound to this, the keys are hard and heavy, things are gated, jagged post rock riffs are tossed in, untill they hit that verse to ROCK. Bare bones guitars have been replaced with lots of rock, faster and heavier. You get what he's saying now? This isn't a joke man.
B-Side isn’t getting softer either with "Mark is in the car with my Dad". Rolling those toms hitting them into that surf sound with reverb an almost jamaican dub sound bouncing into the this one. Johnny got that distortion still, that punk and delay on “Did he have a moustache or did he have a beard beard beard?” That fantastic lyric writing is back, this is a reggae dub dream about (I'm guessing), about being high and your friends dad having to drive you home. The way this is so freaking heavy and serious and Johnny says “Can you give this book back to him?” It’s like some kind of trick. Is he still nice? Seriuosly committing to this 1000 mile stare of a track that has a Cramps reverb garage from psychedelic hell. Shakers, all kinds of layeres of keys, building to this massive peak that's going to fall, I don't know how we even ended up here. I just needed a ride home and it went all Fear and Loathing on me. The lizards on the rug are eating my shoes. I'm going to reach over and make us crash. They’re all grown up.

Get this one from Dusty Medical Records.

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