Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ubu Roi "Nice Dude" on Help Yourself Records

It's easy to dismiss bands that don't seem like they're taking things so seriously. I'll admit it, when a band that clearly is almost trying to sabotage themselves only gets more successful - it can be maddening. The number of people who are taking making music seriously and are so insanely talented working day and night must want to give up completely. It can also be really great that Ubu Roi can exist as a finger to those guys who should lighten up a little and for the audience they can be that release you definitely want on a Friday night. Putting up with people's shit all week to go listen to bummer music on the weekend? No thanks! Give me some guys who wear pizza as clothing and sing about really stupid shit any day.

The Cheeseburger side opens with "Cheeseburger" that sounds like The Minibosses, a couple of guitar distortions lining up like a damaged synth with a rumble of a tom beat underneath. It's rigid like it was programmed with a fast food intercom, bursts of distortion over palmed chords, Matt or Chaz on vocals listing the things he doesn't want to eat, then goes into an Ian Svenonius metal chorus, up there in the register as un-tough as possible. These guys party rock firing across the whole gun range. Layers of high register chorus and thin distortion over beefy chords with lots of cheeeeese. "Fuck Colin" has some muted chk chk chords breaking into squealing distortion before lining up again to synth out. The whole band comes in a chorus of 'I'm never gonna die!' These guys are laying a big rough punk sound out there with a bunch of fuck it attitude. Colin's got some kind of nerve but these guys are going to find him. They go from a hardcore screaming to a bummed out surf fuck up sound, never laid back or incompetent, its all carefully planned out, it's just the vocal that gets crazy stooopid.

The Pizza Side track, "Nice Dude" is a fast one with super solo toppings and buried drums. It's all about that massive guitar, once this gets legs we're in some redneck southern skids rock, leveling more layered chords and yelling about 'A PIZZA'. The rest of this shoves in between heavy solo noodling and more vocal distortion with hardcore feeling but they're simultaneously hosting the best party. But it's way back in the woods and shirtless dudes are setting everything on fire, these guys are the opening band and grillmasters.
On "Bad at Surfing" guitars are taking the lead on this one as well, Colin 'The Weasel' is not too shabby on drums, getting cute and smattering the kit with jazzy high hat work. They guys follow with a little math and '60s backup harmony. It don make no sents. Just when you think life can't be all weed and pizza's you realize what they named the band after and it all makes sense.

Pressed on a muddy green/brown vinyl, you decide on the clever body function color this is. I like they also went to the length of printing the center label with a tiny burger and piece of pizza, those are the only ways you can refer to the sides now. I also just noticed that slice of pizza is being used as a man thong. This gets better and better.

Get it from Help Yourself Records.

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