Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oily Boys "Majesty EP" on Disinfect Records

Only after the fact can I really appreciate this sleeve. No band name, it's kind of peach or light pink color with this little square of a bubbly psych drawing. I'm not saying it should look like this (Thanks Josh) but none of this had anything to do with the muddy hardcore punk crammed into this record from the Oily Boys. Their name on the other other hand IS perfect in a lot of ways.

A-Side's "Tan" is a fucking crazy rumbling reminding me of the few times I've caught Dysrhythmia with previously mentioned Josh and this is equally crushing for a few seconds and picks up into a more hardcore feel with lots of echo muddy as hell, yelling about killing someone and putting the body in the basement. I believe him. It's got that scuzzy garage reverb on the vocal but the backup instrumentation gongeals into a viscous puddle of sludge that got even better when I accidentally fired this up at 33. They mastered this for lower end at the faster 45 speed so you know they're serious. "Cosmic Paralysis" has a cruddy bass line caked with tar and sludge that comes up with some kind of melody crushed by the vocals that seem even angrier than the blown out drums. I love the choice they made to barely have and treble present in any form on this recording. Sounds like some NY hardcore like Agnostic Front bouncing off the cinder block room next door, since you've been chained to this one obviously. "Rabbits Foot" the last track runs right into this one with piercing layers of feedback and they actually start crafting some kind of howl out of it while the vocals vomit all over them in the background. Cool bass line and the feedback continues to ring out, sounding like angsty Cure in places if they fell for Throbbing Gristle. It speeds up into indecipherable speed hardcore by the end just in case you thought they had their guard down because you did apparently. It's just plain frightening, real demon yells and cruddy fast hardcore boils popping right in your face. Gross.

"B-Side's "Suffer Beach" - Still can't get over this lower end, it just makes any sort of technical guitar craft all meld together in this squirming mess, a cornered slimy thing that's been stuck with a pointy stick. It slows down for a second and really starts to sound evil with some kind of devil vocal effect (I hope) or he was there in the studio. POWWRRR chords. "Arctic Ibis" Feedback cymbal crashes into phaser hardcore. These vocals are really going for a metal sludge, they really work in that space between hardcore and black metal at times all those things slammed together. Lets say they were skinned and broken down for a weird stew. You don't want to know exactly what was in there to begin with.

And did I mention these guys are Australian? This one is on their own Disinfect Records but you can get it from aussie pushers - EASTER BILBY. Great interview with these maniacs at Mess and Noise.

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