Friday, August 29, 2014

Fatal Figures on Big Neck Records

Fatal Figures are the members of The Blowtops latest, a band I'm just getting to know also on Big Neck Records. These guys are making it happen in way way western New York where it's winter six months a year. Buffalo was the big city we would occasionally drive to to either go across the border to drink in Canada or go to Darien Lake and see a huge show. I played with someone from Buffalo who would tell me about all kinds of cool shit that was happening and I imagined living there one day. Their latest builds on that garage intensity with some hardcore influences while keeping that raw, live sound.

A-Side's "Blue Zed" has an awesome live rehearsal space sound which is a hollow marshal cave sound in the scrunched distortion sounding like the tape slowed down right before this made it to vinyl. Screaming into the void of a PA echo with a bouncy metallic bass line of thick rubber bands. This stuff has the polish of a back alley, burning garbage can with shifty characters standing around asking if you want to take a swig of this bathtub jail hooch. It's bad news and they seem to keep shooting this riff into the ground and loving it. A backyard rifle range that annoys the neighbors but god dammit they can't do anything about it.

B-Side's "Alright" is a pussy galore cover and that tape warbles to a start again with a lot more ferocity and straight ahead danger sound than the A-side that seemed to be in the middle of a lot of drinks. They spoon the cream of this thing into the gutter, taking liberties with the original the only way a band can, hell bent on reminding everyone how much that source matters. Distortions long and short, cable humm, ungrounded sizzle, solos if you could call them that, yelling into the single mic that shocks your face. I've been there. A worthy tribute with the drum stool creaking and sticks clattering to the floor.

Get this single from Big Neck Records. Sample below from their full length.

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