Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Radar Eyes from Requiem Pour Un Twister

It's been a while since I checked in with Radar Eyes and this single sounds like a radical departure from their self titled full length on Hozac in a great way. I remember feeling like they shared a lot in common with The Fresh and Onlys or The Super Vacations in that dense psych haze sound surrounded by pop then and on this single they seem to be moving towards post punk, and I have absolutely no problem with a band cherry picking aspects of each like these guys.

A-Side's "Community" still has that looseness I remember from the self titled record but they've taken a dark turn. Anthony's vocals are great, doubled up with one track taking a higher register melody while the other is that monotone straight man. It's a precise sounding post punk like later Psychedelic Furs and is catchy, specifically broken down into pieces that work as a whole. I like that the precision isn't so perfect its taking away from the loose punk feel of the tom and single bass note relying on the rhythm. For some reason this has the feel of early Cure, it's definitely dark but melodic every measure and changed direction right into my lane of the highway.
B-Side's "Fall into place" has a high, blown out, melodic, single note sound that sort of weaves together. They don't seem to fit until the whole track takes on a thickness when the production kicks in. I love when a track starts out with that demo sound and then flips a switch into what a huge studio full of talent can do. The vocals seem to be stepping forward in this new era also, a little bit more confident to be front and center in the mix with hardly any sort of effect. The guitars are wavering in the background and the drums have gotten more important in this latest release. It's got the core foundation I liked from the self titled release but they've decidedly turned more jagged. Those soft hazy edges seem to have been sharpened to points and it's like a god damn blackberry bush you thought you could plow right through and now completely stuck - this is going to hurt like hell.

A good kind of hurt.

Get this one from Requiem Pour Un Twister Records. Great blog over there as well that I have google translate.

Radar Eyes – Community (06/01/2013)
Limited edtion 7'' – 350 handnumbered copies
After an incredible first album for Chicago's holy label HoZac, we're super glad to welcome one of our favorite artists : Radar Eyes. As always, the band is confusing the issue with their sleeve tributing The Cure's Killing An Arab while melting together, Creation-esque noise psychedelism, new/cold/goth wave haunted guitar riffs and as always crafty catchy melodies. Radar Eyes are just free and we like it that way.

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