Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Pale Faces on Punk Fox Records

Punk Fox isn't making things easy, these mysterious singles come in from the UK with no online presence and no way that I can find to pick them up domestically. If they're trying to make their releases more enticing by creating this scavenger hunt then this is the way to do it. Maybe everyone doesn't need to be on every possible social media at all times. I worry about getting to the point where I'm so busy with keeping up with everyhting for 7inches that I might not even have time to read anyone else's blogs and they won't either and it will be this self centered future where no one even cares what anyone else is doing and you have an audience of yourself. Snap out of your own mind with this dense psych freakout from The Pale Faces.

A-Side's "Guru" has a heavy bass and thud kick, all lining up in rhythm. I swear I just heard a thunderclap just as this is getting started in that progressive serious complex way. It's the math equation that's going to lead to huge chunky riffs and the slightest vocal of Janice and Danni. The bass is a scuzzy rumble like the Death From Above stuff chunking away as dirty as possible. The vocals and shaker start to get psychedelic, something of a lyric but mostly the idea of a vocal as another instrument to be layered and played with harmony. The press release mentions something about a lot of these performances being first takes but hat has to be impossible, this kind of precision and odd rhythm structures have to be rehearsed into the ground to get this right. Janice picks up this verse into a more primal raw version of the lyric drawing out the rest of the instrumentation to follow and go off on this impossibly dense journey. Repeating the lyric "I can (or can't) help you heal your soul" Maybe both? It's a gradual build with weird experimental samples and electronics pushing this over the raw guitar '70s metal stuff into a hardcore psych - one of those unclassifiable pots of sludge.

On B-Side's "Nature Calls" a damaged organ delicately explores a tiny repeated section with a bass taking front and center. This time Janice and Danni's vocal harmonizes almost exactly close in key, manipulated after the fact in places, even getting talky at one point. Experimenting with these already weird sounds, mathematical and odd, not the serious stuff that you repeat over and over, the same problem a hundred different ways but that math that seems to make personal sense. Finding those numbers in everything feeding pigeons in the park talking to yourself. "Can't help being a beast" you just catch a lyric like that among this swirling stuff that has no limits and seemingly every color and recording option has been explored to wind up forever concrete in these grooves.

No site for Punk Fox, but this solitary online store has it for import only purchase to the US.

Great cyan colored pressing, thick as hell gram and with a dvd that doesn't work on a record player.

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