Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cosines "Commuter Love" on Fika Recordings

As liberating as it is for a band to combine a huge number of crazy genres it can be difficult in describing them or being able to put them together mentally with other bands after the same sorts of combinations. The could both be pulling from a dizzying array of genre's but be completely unrelated except in their approach. Cosines are taking a number of references from T-Rex to Stereolab and recombining them into their own weird unclassifiable mix.

A-Side's "Commuter Love" opens on that perfect decisive fuzzy riff with a glam sound in a big seventies way, like that slow motion muscle car scene but there's a Gary Numan mechanical feel in the rugged, measured delivery. I love the train theme and that sexy as hell cover, screen printed on the heavy chipboard sleeve. That should be enough to pick this up when you see that kind of attention before you even open it up. There's a lyric here about not getting home in time and that the train sucks essentially. This whole track is riding on this massive heavily gated, chunky riff. Almost forgot the percussion adding to this rhythm but this almost feeding back bass line sounding fuzz lead is the balance of hard rock and a new wave sound that's so alien and almost synth sounding. It's encouraging a nervous, stilted energy not bringing many comparisons to mind except Electrelane meets Daisy Chainsaw. A real solid track for a seven inch that's for sure, the kind of clear cut choice to be held up on it's own, a song with such crazy but clear choices that say "This is what we are capable of."

On "Disclosed Stories" the drums take the rhythm driving it home with that slip to the toms and Alice takes her staccato style and breaks into a melody with synth backing her up this time. A sing song pop style like Belle and Sebastian where everything is clearly defined, jumping melodies and rhythm. Train ticket on the inner label, this is a lot looser and more live rock sounding and Alice has more of a personality here with good reason, that train ride was terrible. The piano track coming in out of the distance builds with layers of synth and that trumpet just sealed my Belle and Sebastian comparison, perfect.

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