Friday, September 26, 2014

Hero Dishonest on (If Society, Laja Records) Peterwalkee records

Hero Dishonest are a Finnish hardcore band that have been around since 1999. They even have a video of their first show. Since then they've released at least thirteen albums not including their latest single on Peterwalkee Records. Unless you know Finnish though you're going to miss what they're singing about but that isn't going to stop you from appreciating this melodic hardcore with moments of mathy metal.

A-Side's "Elämä lyhyt, Pasilan silta pitkä" opens with wavering feedback almost harmonizing the guitars circuit loop running together into huge chords with a thick low end and nice kick/cymbal crashes. Spinning at 45 they get a meaty sound with clear separation in those guitars, the chords channeled through different places and married again perfectly. A clean, quiet start to this slower monotone back and forth kick snare beat, completely balanced and when something is this put together it's easy to get right over that language barrier. It's just bad ass, this bass is the lead for the rest to follow with that bubbly low end, the vocal has just a hint of distance like a bathroom wall distance bouncing back. They pick up the pace into hardcore pounding and the unison chorus gets metal scary like Suicidal Tendencies or DRI. You get both era's, break out an old wide skateboard or switch to low end slower riffs like Earth where I'm in these days. (Old and slow) "Nälkälakko" has a close yelling with no effects while the bass and tom solo, taking a weird approach to a fragmented bluesy rock with pieces scattered all over but those riffs where they hit together pick up steam again, scraping strings in unison and that crash of a cymbal taking this out nice and clean. There's nothing forulaic, it's not as fast as possible, just mixing unusual things together and it helps it's in Finnish.
"Jumalan selätys" is a bigger straight rock track with wailing Bleach style notes that pile over each other hinting at Milk Music's crusty rock. They crank the echo and Vellu is yelling real creepy while an organ is dying. They seem to be playing in a different space every track and using a different thematic device, the distortion on their fisted chords is different. A creepy end from inside a death metal church, some maniac bellowing from the pulpit before rocking again. It's weird to hear somethign that's so put together and catchy with nothing vocally recognizable. I'm so ignorant.

B-Side "Tammikuun Seitsemäs" is distorted vocals over mainly bass and tom building that opening rhythm for the crunch of muted chords to follow. They get interesting directions going really quick and the depth and polish of their sound keeps me listening. Chords are slightly transposed around in those minor variations and as much as this should be brutal, a sythe swinging low at the knees, they have a lot of delicate changes and details. I think I heard "Bearing Sea" and "Mona Lisa?" This is fun. "Kaikki Hajoaa" - They don't get absurdly fast or comically growly - this is serious, the depth of this distortion and the slight mathy changes between grunge style chunk, or even a Helmet sort of thing at points. It' contemporary as hell, a progressive throw out the rules stuff of Fucked Up.

Silver ink on rough black cardstock with black and white insert. Get this locally from Peterwalkee Records.

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