Friday, September 12, 2014

The Outfit on Hot Congress Records

The Outfit from Denver seem to be hell bent on delivering a smoking pile of rock and roll. This four piece has noticed a void of thundery riffs in todays musical landscape and energetically fill it with clean distortion and a sense of purpose on this single from Hot Congress Records.

A high treble jangle opens A-Side's "Station Wagon Apocalypse" into a tom see saw jagged rhythm with a fuzzy undertone and harmonics from hovering over the frets. Like the Faint, Eric johnston comes in hard making a real case for this thing. The tracks turns down into a harder sound and that sharp post punk goes metal. They know it's complicated and feels like Franz Ferdinand meets the Make Up, vocally losing it with a slight bit of distortion, making friends in the front row. It's a produced sound with fringe pieces that keep you searching for those obscure references. Mic-ing the hell out of these drums that get heavy when the bomb falls. The edges of this are sharp, the changes are mean, it's all been rehearsed. The verse is repeated about brothers and sisters making me think about that sleeve. It should be a happy family right? What happened.

B-Side's "Tyrannosaurus Surfboard" - Like Don cab titles they're fucking with me. A heavy punk riff comes in with feedback or synth blurps, and Eric is like this otherworldly figure from above his giant hands on everything, a lot darker on this side. The devil made me do it coming through those organ melodies and surf tiki sound, what the hell did that T Rex want with a board anyway, he's surfing magma? Playing with the length they can go to with heavy distortion riffs and reverb solos, plates and springs, metal all coiled up. Eric is equally wound tight here, this thing just gets faster with all cymbals and extra orders of solos.

Get this from Hot Congress Records.

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