Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tranzistors / Princess Dragonmom split on Young Soul Rebels

I talked about The Tranzistors a while back and this split with Princess Dragonmom seems to expand on this gospel blown out glam sound they recorded on the Cinnamon Girl single and the Princess Dragonmom side sounds like they've blown it completely apart, cut it up, buried it in the backyard and spliced it back together in a lacquer masterers nightmare. A great insert quote by Ray Charles and Lenin are just about as different as these two. Young Souls has long since gone, Princess Dragonmom haven't updated their site in a few years and The Tranzistors are survived by a myspace page. Always worth checking out since I missed these guys entirely in year one of the site.

The Tranzistors A-Side "Free Electrizity" has a blaring sax section in response to the layered vocals with the standard bass single note jam, all dropping down to an acoustic and tambourine to get into the virtues of electricity in this garage soul relation to the Make up. Without none of this would be possible, the band, the cutting or playing the record. A subdued number compared to that previous single. A broken moog circuit bent solo plays against the gospel sound of this heavy production with a horn section and robes flying. Guitars are nice and dirty when they step forward for a minute, these guys seem to have been able to balance these elements in their song, the rhythm recorded into separate plateaus of sound making for a unique whole.

B-Side's Princess Dragonmom decimates The Tranzistor side in "Free 'Lectricity" right down to the layers of feedback or circuits imploding, sounding like speakers in and outed right to each other until the tape gives out and some kind of drum starts. Blown out and cut up from a bunch of other recordings, pieces of a huge rehearsal space jam. They put together a couple of live sets that are no survivors, plane down. Spazztic drums, and I love distortions, even when it's quiet, that buzzing hum is overwhelming. Feedback sounds like lasers, and it becomes heavy avant garde experimental music at this point. Chopped up sets with the levels turned all the way up, you will have trouble getting friends to want to hear this but this must be the Lenin side obviously.


You can get this from the old discogs or Time Stereo or UFO FACTORY.

Check out Tranzistors work from Myspace or PM's site.

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