Monday, October 27, 2014

Eohippus 'Getting Your Hair Wet With Pee' single sided 7" from Velocity of Sound Records

I got word from Velocity of Sound this weekend about their latest single from the band Eohippus. They've put out some amazing pressings in the past, smoke color color clear vinyl, split black and white... but what do you think they would do for a track called "Getting Your Hair Wet With Pee?" Why fill those piss soaked tiny records with human hair of course. I don't want to know where they got human hair but I can tell you that yes, they actually play on a turntable. VOS went and pressed these up anyway without a care if they would skip like hell. Darren personally tested every copy and the only thing stopping them from spinning is your own needles fragile sensibilities.
I remember when Darren told me this idea a while back and his insane conversations with the pressing plant. The fact this even exists is because Darren is completely bonkers and just had to see if it would work. His crazy imagination and curiosity put this out into the world and as hard as it is to believe - this may not be the last hair filled single you see in your lifetime. It's too good of an idea not to steal.

But we should talk about the track after all. This is a single sided single and that made my job that much easier, so right away I'm on the bands side. But who are these guys? No website, no info on the mysterious duo? Three piece? I don't even know where they're from. I have a sneaking suspicion it's the VOS house band but he's not talking.
The track itself starts with the messy plinks of a heavily reverb'd electric and some maniac screaming about trusting him - because he's going to get your hair wet with pee. Darren introduced me to the Froggs and I can definitely hear that influence from those lack of tastemakers and is more evidence that Eohippus was listening to those records too. It's an epic Beefheart psych jam, with all guitars swirling in hurricane's and into black holes. The vocals focus on that title and what's going to happen to your hair. Now that I think about it, this kind of song would appropriately mark the occassion. It's not something that happens everyday. I know there are people on the internet that even like it. The song does inply that it's not your own pee though. I feel dirty but at least I don't have to flip this over.

Get it from Velocity of Sound Records who are going to have a lot of questions to answer when the post office asks him if he's shipping anythign hazardous, perishable or potentially dangerous. This single is kind of a federal crime. Don't even ask to ship this internationally. That's boderline terrorism.

VOS says:

Strictly limited to 100 "hair filled, piss soaked vinyl"

Cover art available in black or red hand stamped ink

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