Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Kidnappers on Secret Mission Records

Germany's Kidnappers are led by twin brothers who first picked up the guitar and bass in the High School Rockers a scuzzy blown out pop punk which is exactly like this project The Kidnappers. After a brief hiatus since 2010's Will Protect You they're back with this EP on Secret Mission Records.

On A-Side "Pills" strange little bass line starts the groove for these guitars to clang feedback out then to follow, going from that weird see saw to a thicker open groove and blown out distorted vocals revisiting that stunted, stumbly punk sound. There's a lot of the free roam garage sound from the early days of the stuff, the straight forward desires of the Dictators or The Dolls. Using blunt instruments with no finese to carve a path of classic punk. "I got a pain in my head / take pills until I'm dead" "East Berlin/Ost-Berlin" all the rough distortion comes in from the right side, splitting the channels up like the country used to and ripping tight chords like the german equivalent of 53rd and 3rd, the stutter bursts of Joey style lyrics and guitars. They seem to stick to this raw stripped down stuff that makes them lose their mind. A brief stop in the buzz always makes the return that much louder and frantic. Power pop punk that we should be hearing more of from that part of the world.

B-Side "Diamonds" blasts away with sweet glam chords with lyrics about wanting to get into fights. The bass line running groovy scales behind this fuzzy distortion like '70s flashier stuff. I'm starting to think they're The Cheap Time of Germany or The Hunx of Hamburg. Complete chaos over a screamy solo doesn't hurt things either, blasting away all of the candy coating for a minute. Essentially a real bad ass song about his diamond steel and what that's going to do in said fight but delivered the only way someone who's really looking forward to the best night of their lives would be.

Get this single from Secret Mission Records, plenty more full lengths from these guys once you get a taste.

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