Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Mons "Fighting Over A Knife" on Underground Communique Records

I heard the DJ on WFMU talking about how there isn't much political punk these days and that missed it or just wasn't paying attention. (It was early.) But that got me thinking that one good thing to come out of Occupy and Egypt or Hong Kong is that the technology to get the word out exists across the world now. A regime can't keep their population ignorant. I think that's why political punk singles have disappeared too. I want to think enough people have recognized the issues and at least post about them on facebook constantly (not that dumping ice on your head is going to change anything) but those global issues aren't followed only by the hardcore human rights activists but everyone instantaneously. The Mons still think some of these issues are worth talking about and they should send their latest "Fighting over a knife" to that guy. (Sorry Mons, wish I was paying closer attention.)

A-Side's "Asshole" has a buzzsaw style Flipper sounding guitar, a shitty grit filled distortion with off kilter minor keys come in before this turns into a real slick hardcore keeping that fuzz, slowly building into speed. I don't know how they can have an intro with this many tracks at 45 but they make the space, super snotty vocals and clean, the sonic production that it - this asshole is controlling countries so they could be talking about any world leader really. On "Burned Out & Bleeding" these drums are seriously out of control, the kick and tightly wound smack of the snare forces this into a sprint, lyrics about the atrocities of man, with a snarly chorus, reminding me of the Dead Kennedys. "Trainwreck" yells that line over, the entire band. This instrumentation is way in the background, squarely hardcore. The manic tempo makes it seem like he's going to wreck sooner than later. This has a little more garage style being thick and party rock. I think it's about being drugged, they palm power chords with drums that are pushed way back in favor of this vocal that's keeping the whole thing solidly aggressive.

B-Side's "Give Up!" has rapid fire twitching strumming in a tight radius with changes that are almost more metal in these huge crafted barre chords from Helmet, I love those gutteral low end crunches that shift like tectonic plates. "Church on Fire" This one is an evil kind of hardcore, burning churches and this guy is almost too excited about it. "Make room for Walmart" so no one wins. "Canadian Dope" has me completely on board with their updated DK's sound, they've won me over. It's a hard thing to reference but they have the same almost absurdity and taking politics to weird extremes only with choppier guitars and heavy compression. Super technical with extremist lyrics that actually have something relevant to say. Take that DJ guy.

The whole package is in black and white. PUNKS DON'T LIKE COLORZ!
They got Raymond Pettibon to sign off on this knife fight art?

Get it from Underground Communique Records.

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