Monday, October 6, 2014

Wand / Inutili on Goodbye Boozy / Aagoo Records

Just got word about this first single in a series from two unlikely labels. I remember Aagoo putting out an insane picture disc series featuring photos from David Horovitz with Sunset Rubdown and Xiu Xiu a while back and I know the Italian label Goodbye Boozy from releasing impossible to get singles from Useless Eaters and Ty way back in the beginning of those guys catalogs. Both of them are ahead of the curve maybe but I would have never guessed these two would collaborate across the Atlantic to put together a split single like this from Wand and Inutili.

This Side opens with Wand's "Self Hypnosis in Three Days" and I've been meaning to listen to more from the guys out of Los Angeles. Darren forced me at gunpoint to get all the Meatbodies singles from In The Red and Wand shared a split with those guys. I had this sitting next to the review pile on the Inutili panties side of this sleeve - so distracted I never flipped it over to even know this was a split with Wand. This was recorded at the sweat lodge by Ty Segall himself and these guys have that gutsy loud distortion sound with real atmospheric vocals. I love this angelic floating vocal against the heavy Bleach sounding chords with moments of serious effects warping them into a swirly glittering psych panning across the speakers. That's what I love about this Ty influenced guitar sound, it's a combination of clean while being so dirty like a brand new pair of sneakers at the beach. This take a trip to surf rock that blows up into two chord power changes. Then the hypnosis part starts with a high falsetto and psych acoustic brought up to speed by toms and a bigger heavy hitting phase that sounds like Fuzz with pieces of that laid back loose phrasing like Tim Cohen's stuff. An epic solo turns heads with more fast panning across the channels with heavy separation. You love this shiny crunch already and these guys have everyone in their corner already shining down on them. This belongs in that same rotation of Mikal, Useless Eaters, Zig Zags... hot and heavy arounding everything up to bring back that opening melody squarely land on the gym mat without even a tiny stumble.

Inutili side, "Easy Leaving" opens with slow strum reverb in a big room sitting down on chairs. It gets filled in with with the rest of the band coming in reminding me of the raw, live PC worship sound. Damilo on vocals delivers this real low and hardly attempting a melody, just laid back hoping the words come to him as they come out. The chord structure is stretched out, extended in a Velvets style repeat. Drunk end of the night trip home where the A-Side was the uncomfortable pre-party nerves, now it's all over in bluesy psych with solos for days in an MV + EE cool tunic jam.

Get this locally from Aagoo Records or in Italy from Goodbye Boozy.

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