Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Tyrants self released

You never know where a single is going to come from or where it's going to lead you. I covered a split with Southside Desire and Black Diet on Pinata Records and brothers Sean and Kyle played in that soul ensemble and sent me their latest self released project What Tyrants which has no relation to the Pinata Record at all. You'd never know these two were also a part of that jazzy rock project and kind of reminds me of Jay Reatards Terror Visions, if you're good, it translates into anything. There's no telling what else these two might have up their sleeves.

A-Side "Hanging out in Havana" bursts in with a ratty snare and closed precise high hat rattling in unison in sort of a garage stomp but so damn fast you'd have to be on top of this for weeks. I'm hearing a Hot Snakes frantic energy and tough echo of The Dirtbombs. It's a heavy blues rock with that dirty growl in the vocal and a single note melody. This three piece is taking each of their roles very seriously, there's no dicking around in the bare bones trio. A manic solo from the guitar and drums alternates before they fake a stop and then open this up again to that greasy cousin of rockabilly. Not the halloween Cramps stuff just the long hair and jeans part.

The B-Side's "Far Out" takes two treble focused chords and saw them back and forth, cranking them into slightly different shapes. Sean on vocals sounds especially snarling on this side barking lyrics into a blown out PA. The guitar is more metallic, sparks flying the entire time as Sean attacks that vocal punching through the tin reverb. More screaming and it gets more unhinged the longer they spend in that space between the back and forth grind. If they haven't played with the Hussy yet then this world is too damn big after all. Get this from the band direct.

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