Thursday, November 20, 2014

Atlantic Thrills on Almost Ready Records

We need Atlantic Thrills jangly summer harmonies now more than ever. How it got this cold this early is beyond me but it probably has to do with not spinning this blast of sunshine enough. It's all my fault guys and I'm working on correcting it immediately and at least this turntable is warming the heck up.

A-Side's "Day At The Beach" opens with a solo measure of warm high treble guitar, no stressed frantic lines or hard edge jagged stuff anywhere in sight, just the collected laid back rhythm of a four piece taking their collective places and letting things fall where they may. A little bit of the Nodzzz attitude with a precise put together dense haze of layered raspy vocals and double hit snare lines. Between verses someone lays in picked bent melodies, they can't help but finish this bubblegum garage with just a little more frosting. Like The Beets or King Khan they're just looking to celibrate those good times. There's a place for music having all kinds of messages and Atlantic Thrills are just enjoying one of the original reasons to play music; for the sheer joy of it and what better to sing about than a day at the beach. A spiritual releative to the Minks "Everything's Fine" or Real Estate - sometimes it's nice to wallow in the good stuff.
B-Side's "Hold Your Tongue" comes in with a bluesy distorted sound and garage stomp beat chanting that title lyric HOLD... YOUR... TONGUE against the soul main vocal delivery waiting for the bent solo to take hold of things in this southern classic rock style track. All shit kicking attitude and actually a lot in common with the Ar-kaics from yesterday with some Natural Child sloppiness here. Gets gradually looser as the song flows like they've been walking that line and had one too many. Things get emotional, words said that maybe shouldn't have inevitable heated end to that long day at the beach. Could they have partied too hard on this one? Ask the bouncer - they can't remember.

Pick this up from Almost Ready, the new music division of Harry's empire, also released a ful length over there so he's in it for the long haul.

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