Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bad Thoughts / Worng split on Metal Postcard Records

Two halves of The Emergency Milo Kossowski and Morgan McWaters are Bad Thoughts and Worng respectively on this single released a couple years back on Metal Postcard Records. In my fantasy I like the possibility that they were both holding back tracks from each other and then approached Metal Postcard separately and he put them together - each with another 'unknown solo artist' just to get them back together like some kind of electronica Parent Trap. The worst idea I know. They're both unsurprisingly working with a lot of similar elements and if I was more familiar with their collaborative work it might stand out more their individual styles...but I could see this idea working with a lot of other duos. I'd love a split single with each half of Handsome Furs doing solo tracks for example.

Bad Thoughts side "Come to Life" has a long distance hissy static wurlitzer metronome preset beat that launches itself over that horizon like the sunlight. You hear the sound years after it actually left the creation surface, more and more synth pieces build in waves under a heavy wash of phaser that leaves these pieces in and out of sync playing with the space. Where these sounds are coming from is still a mystery and must be related to a Vangelis future soundtrack to a Drive with a hovercar and old Ryan Gosling, traveling thousands of miles an hour at night with all the neon bleeding into one long trail. Soundlessly whipping across miles and miles of nothing but the tallest glass buildings. A low end groan from something big that's moving around out there and this might not have even taken place on earth anymore as it starts to get a little unsettling. The atmospheric hypnotism gradually fades out to a bubbly underwater end.

Worng's side "Releasing Your Gravitational Potential" has big breathy synth sounds funkily trip into frame while a subtle repeated loop washes around way in the background of this. Quickly more and more layers appear, nothing with an obvious sound just floating in slowly weaving around what's already there and building that wicker basket of beats. Switching somewhere in the middle both tracks so related it makes perfect sense, this could be some kind of Exquisite Corpse experiment between these two. It's an almost drone dance track more hypnotizing than the A-Side but maybe that's just the collective effect of these two coming at me together. Any sound introduced spends time in an infinite loop slowly losing most of it's original pieces as it slowly goes down the tubes. A procedural soundtrack, no chase scenes or bedroom action just the kind of moody stuff that gets you from point A to point B.

Pick this up from Metal Postcard Records or locally from discogs.

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