Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mines / Hunt Hunt Camp split single on Maximum Pelt Records

This split from Mines and Hunt Hunt Camp is an amazing sample of fuzzy, messed up electronics from two Chicago based bands on Maximum Pelt Records. I haven't heard sounds like these coming off a single in a while. Mines feels like they take a down and dirty approach, working with less is more and inferior equipment will only make me stronger while the Hunt Hunt Camp side is a Xiu Xiu meets Casiotone for the Painfully Alone feel, the mellow vocals against these harsh, choppy oscillated waveforms.

On the Mines track "Addict" the last time I heard far off clanging muddy no fi tones like this was from These Are Powers, the slow grandfather clock ringtones quickly turn into a no-fi dirty dance sound like Digital Leather or A Faulty Chromosome and the best use of the human voice from the Casio SK-1. I didn't think you could ever get away with using that sound but Mines does it effortlessly with a million unrecognizable others. The same way multiple melodies, especially this guitar section, just get piled on all seemingly working against each other. Lots of 4-track insanity happening here and in a high energy circuit bent rave. Something about recording to tape inspires that sloppy genius feel and is impossible to duplicate with a million digital tracks at your disposal...or maybe it was and he's even more of a genius. I have to hear an entire record of this, the possibilities he's barely presented feel endless and there's a full length from Lake Paradise Records. You bet I just ordered one.

Hunt Hunt Camp does "HVYMTLKDZ" a heavily ominous track with lots of scuzzy moog textures in chunky synth waves with panning metallic clicks from the keyboard stand when male vocals come in breathy and rising above these hard edge electronics turning into a sharp dancey Owen Ashworth side project in that same melancholic delivery. A vocal melody attempts to break out of it's trench with the help from female harmonies but the weird perfectly captured melted circuits is what really makes this great. The vocals are a perfect distraction but the instrumentation is so foreign and bizarre it's all I can hear. It's subtle and jabbing you in the ribs at the same time. There should be a full length in the works from these guys as well. Incredible.

Pick this up from Maximum Pelt Records who make me want to get a cassette player if they keep releasing stuff like this in that tape catalog of theirs.

Almost forgot William Satek from Mines was on Judge Mathis. Hilarious.

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