Monday, November 17, 2014

Tight Bros / Rad Company split on Rad Girlfriend, Drunken Sailor, On The Real, Throwing Things, 86'd, No Breaks and Soapy Hand Records

The Tight Bros and Rad Company have locked up seven inch sleeve art of the year. Not a cover you could overlook in the 7" bin or ever forget if you happened across it. Congrats guys. Tight Bros are four dudes from Columbus and Rad Company are not far away in Dayton, both plowing into a pop punk sound with heavy layers and have the collective support of no less than seven labels behind them. Obviously good choice to pair these two together and sweeping the 7inches awards this year they also won in the category of most labels behind a split single.

Tight Bros side "Not What You Asked For" has a feedback hum that opens into a stompy high tempo beat and upper register vocals blown out in a super produced power punk repeating that title lyric leaving plenty of room for the solo which is a bleeding one note number. The layered vocals have a Built to Spill sheen but the rest of this is all attitude in a party Andrew WK feel with cymbals constantly crashing, sticking on that chorus and playing out the harmonies. They know a good thing when they hear it, just run that out to the end. A tight two minutes bros. "Trapped in My Head" comes into the song already running in progress, the gated high compression guitars are poised to blast their bursts of chords, playing off the snare in that crazy fast back and forth see saw while vocally belting this out in thick layers of huge sustained notes fading away behind the fist pumping because they aren't just about the speed. Keeping the beat for the feedback and bass to take this out to the end, making the absolute most of the three minutes left on the vinyl.

The Rad Company track "Hang in There" feels even faster with hundreds more chages with all the singing together punk harmony of Cap'n Jazz with chunky guitars. They don't have to line up harmonies exactly, it's about that emotion from hitting a take that just sounds right. A sunny Lync punk, loud and fast and not obsessed with their own technical prowess just getting an undeniable optimism across with muted chords and no room to shake out. No echo or reverb on the drums because that would just take up extra space. "Under the Blade" feels like an H-Street soundtrack outtake, I can't really explain it except that I watched that video nearly a million times and this would be right at home with a fisheye lens riding right next to someone grinding curbs.

Get this from Rad Girlfriend, Drunken Sailor, On The Real, Throwing Things Records, 86'd Records and No Breaks Records.

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