Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sex Rays "Midnight Caller" on Pinata Records

Big release party this past Saturday from the Sex Rays on Pinata Records to kick off this single in Minneapolis. These guys started out as a one show Link Wray cover band a few years ago and couldn't leave well enough alone. They had to take that scrappy dawn of reverb sound and drag it into the next century with raw punk attitude and power chords. It's tough and loud stompy garage punk that's never going away. These guys though went back to the very source of the springy metallic stuff for inspiration.

A-Side's "Midnight caller" has heavily gated, choppy guitars that open in pin drop separation like they're playing into one of those silenced rooms with all the soundproofing wedges in the world are set up to absorb every stray crackle. That grit and mess that makes it through are only the chunkiest beefy riffs. The bass comes in and runs right alongside this guitar melody and the single power snare hits echo through the space, with that garage snarl and a little bit of attitude in the vocals. You know what this midnight caller is up to, things get a little mellow and slowed down for the organ to make that psych entrance getting creepy before returning to that midnight caller riff and then the whole thing going solidly off the rails. Like the OBN III's it's a fast punch to the guts, but they're just fucking around...stop hitting yourself!

B-Side's asks "Where's the Tambourine?". Good question and I keep thinking I have to hear one in this, but theres just an awful lot of high hats muted in time and an organ makes the first move for the ripping guitar riff to pick up and trade tempo breaking out on its own into this instrumental sounding piece where they swap measures trying to one up each other. Hey guitars! Take a back seat for that Elvis Costello hammond solo to leap out front and center before starting up again in their jazzy stutter syncopation getting funky but then this is from the label that brought you Black Diet and Southside Desire

Pick this up from Pinata Records who say they've got some long players coming up by the end of the year and a great shirt on their bandcamp.

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