Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aaron and the Burrs on Ut Records

Instrumental rock is a funny thing. It immediately makes the band feel like they're on equal ground for an audience. No one member is more important or out there in front on the mic leading the direction of the songwriting...and lyrics are just plain messy. You could really turn a good song bad with the wrong style or content not to mention there's almost something weird about trying to communicate OVER music. In ditching the vocals you're left with nothing but your skill and telepathic connection to keep this thing together. Aaron and The Burrs are a rock trinity out of Buffalo (now I regret the snow comment below, sorry guys) who focused on the surf inspired melodies and left the lyrics to everybody else.

A snare roll runs into A-Side's "Release the Bats" as this sunny surf rock hit the turntable on one of the first days of snow in NYC. They don't go right for the Dick Dale or Link Wray springy reverb variety but the Shadowy men on a Shadowy Planet kind of melodic rock that's clean as hell and has since moved in a ways in from the beach (you know - all that sand) but still wiping out with echoplexes and distortion. Perfectly captured they're after creating this laid back mood even with all the attention to detail in changes and timing. I have to admire leaving any kind of vocals to this where they belong - in the notebook. Music supervisors should jump on these guys.
B-Sides "Oh no, More Bats" ratchets up the speed with a scrappy string grind and those harmonic barely touching the strings notes (I'm sure that has a name) with a harder vibe than the laid back sound of the A-Side with more slidey chords (again I need a dictionary) and heavy lower end rumble. All over the fretboard on this one but then they have to try harder don't they ending with a mellow warm slow strum. Perfect xerox insert and hand screened cardboard sleeve.

Pick this up from Ut Records direct.

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