Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DJ Foundation Presents on Metal Postcard Records

I think I might have been deliberately avoiding this single from The DJ Foundation on Metal Postcard for a while now wondering what in the hell was going to be on the record with a cover showing Lynndie England torturing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Graib. It's a safe bet this is going to be unsettling and dark, but what unexplored depths of depravity could even be left for music in 2014? How about porn samples over a reading of the Quran.

A-Side's "(Have They Not Heard) God is Dead" opens with a sample from a film, complete with the score and panning dream like foreign dialogue that fades into the heavy handed rhythm of Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll" which adds yet another layer to the disturbing porn samples from real gross amateur stuff obviously not coming up with this dialogue themselves. I'm assuming text from the Quran is read in the background hardly audible next to the moans. Just about at the limit of pushing everyone's buttons. Denzel samples are thrown in from He Got Game questioning language proving that no one at the pressing plants actually listens to any of the stuff they're pressing. Getting away with sacrilegious copyright infringement murder - in under three and a half minutes!
B-Side is from Sunni & Shia who do "I Shot You Babe" taking that looping riff from the '70s track and layering in blasts and smacks of gunshots, mortar shells and explosions in the place of the verses, throwing in a quick "SHOT" where the 'got' should be. Nothing but an instrumental of destruction set to the dubstep synth and phased mess of the Sonny and Cher song making you want to puke on two levels, somehow outdoing the other side even, I just went from wanting to throw this away hoping to never hear it again to thinking this is a conceptual art single from some unnamed geniuses. Should have been at the Whitney.

What a way to end the year.

I hear the full length takes this stuff to even crazier places. Get this from Metal Postcard Records.

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