Monday, December 8, 2014

Lakes on No Patience Records

There's so much great music coming out of Australia and especially on the No Patience label of from buzzy no-fi metal to the dark electronic variety, which are both mostly underserved by the seven inch to begin with. Even with the internet, there's still something about getting a record from halfway around the world.

A-Side's "Carved Remains" has a massive tom rhythm driving these layered guitars that are the paper thin divide, ready to break apart thanks to that booming tom. Sean Bailey on vocal (and everything else) is tough burned and buried in the back ground, like Blessure Grave or going back to Bauhaus in his dead serious dark re-examination of the genre. There's no faking this sound or attitude. Far removed from the Cold Cave goth dance, this approaches the sound with real emotion, putting himself out there after playing in hardcore bands and finally not giving a shit about anyone's judgements anymore. This isn't a trendy sound. It's sinister and aggressive his vocal emulating the toms with bursts of echo'd phrases, low but not over the top for effect. There's even a middle eastern influence in some measures, it's an assemblage of cultures like "Killing an Arab". Hard to attempt and impossible to pull off these days. I believe in the darkness of Lakes.

B-Side's "A Face In The Ash" opens into a chorus heavy bass and real classic string synth sound under the heavy snare smacks and Sean is more menacing on this side, slicing hard right into the guts. Sean's basically playing everything and maybe that's why it is so specific. I understand how collaborating can bring out the best in music through that conflict and struggle but there's something to be said for that single minded unique vision that shouldn't ever be tainted with other band members like Kevin Failure, Digital Leather or Mike Sniper for that matter. You know what you want this to sound like there's no reason to get anyone else involved except the listeners. This makes me want to get back to Pink Reason's homemade creepiness or Lust for Youth's disregard for how microphones and tapes work together.

Get this from Easter Bilby here in the US, or straight from the source, No Patience.

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