Monday, January 26, 2015

Holy Shit! EP on Vinyl Smash, Dirty Hippy Barn and Cat Trash Records

Holy Shit, this isn't the project with Ariel Pink and Matt Fishbeck, this is four guys from Milwaukee who put an exclamation point at the end of their Shit! because it's shockingly fast blastcore. The kind that turns a seven inch single into a full length nine track EP. Did I mention this spins from the inside out? I've been trying for the last half hour to hit the front of the first track before the arm on this turntable hits the automatic return but can't seem to manage it and have to settle coming into the middle of the first track and it's killing me, but I think it's all part of their plan to piss on this format and turn me into a crybaby vinyl nerd. Congratulations. I need a new turntable for your record.

A-Side's "Delete Yer Myspace" I just checked and these guys have one still? It shows at least they've been around a while and maybe they've been waiting for this song to come out so they could post it over there. I appreciate the seriously strainied vocal from Tabman, shredding his throat hoarse and switching to that raspy talky high register delivery like the Mike Muir. "Another sucky day in shitsville" has a weird shitty solo and tom with slipping out of groove and into hardcore punk speed, leaving just enough room to throw these weird guitar lines down in repeated loops of off kilter stuff. Yelling about the state of the town which you can guess isn't good. I know exactly when things are that ridiculous that the only thing to do is write a song like this and piss everyone off.
"Whoops I don't care about anything anymore" is a hundred chords mixed up and thrown on the quarterpipe of fast grimey skaterock. Lyrics about recording and making up lyrics, I love that. I appreciate on the reverse sleeve the four of these guys are sitting on a shitty porch, sweating their asses off like a backwoods Minor Threat which seems more dangerous. This thing devolves into scraping strings and drum fills watery chorus vocals.

B-Side's "Stay Alive or Die" takes abstract chords, throwing dart boards at a piece of paper with guitar tabs on it coming up with the stumbly parts otherwise is hyper as fuck punk that gets weird and free funk with Tabman yelling over himself, extremely fast and the rest of the band yells the chorus in a blur of chords and tempo, this guy is begging to die and I guess people aren't letting him. Society."Mementos" tries to erase the memories with drinking but in that serious way and a bit more of a melody on this one that halts and trips over itself. "The World's Fine I'm fucked" is a further exercise in speed about the bullshit of life. I'm sure I missed a track or two along the way, sometimes there's no track break even, too many songs I get lost and fast. I think I'm getting old. Pathetic.

The infamous Tim Tripplet is thanked in the liner notes who is not to be confused with Tom Triplett of the OBN III's? Getting very confused.

Pick this up from Vinyl Smash over here or The Dirty Hippy Barn (still best label name of the year)

This is not the single reviewed above but you'll get the idea -

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