Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pantaloon Descendo on The Mustache Club

There's a new record label starting up everyday. Sebastien from Mustache Club Records contacted me about his ultra limited handmade release from Pantaloon Descendo. He included a two page letter written by hand (I'll give you a minute to look that up) a hand drawn sleeve on the single and then another one on the package itself sending the whole thing from a strange land called Canada. I just realized that rainbow is shooting out of the stick figures privates. I think that gives you a huge idea of where this single is coming from.

The irreverent folk starts with A-Side's opus "The Candyman". A picked acoustic with ukulele quietly works on the intro while Sebastien cranks up the deep echo for the voice of this playground prowler who lures victims to....well it isn't exactly explained. The song is also something of a lure, sweetly (no pun) meandering through a sunny meadow in slow motion, not a care in the world for the raunchy content lurking underneath. I was actually relieved to see that the video wasn't taking itself too seriously or going to some dangerous places. I think 'Pants Down' likes performing on that fine line of uncomfortable subjects and perverted surrealism.
The B-Side opens with "Zombie Jesus" and Pantaloon's quiet ukulele strums. You could see how someone might hear the story of Jesus rising from the grave on Easter and think he's jumping on that zombie train everyone is so crazy about lately. The church needs to get that younger demographic back. You can imagine this gets gross when describing the physical problems a zombie has so imagining a dead body being reanimated...well Pantaloon better hope the Catholic church doesn't have the same fragile sensibilities as Islamic fundamentalists.
"Love Smells" more of that jokey ukulele sound referencing an eastern european Tiny Tim. I used to religiously listen to Dr. Demento on the radio around the time I got my first fisher price record player. Fish Heads was #1 for so many weeks even I got sick of it. I think it may have been rigged anyway who would have been voting in some sort of call in poll? The rest of the countdown was full of songs like this that would get you thinking it was going one way and then smash you over the head with something else. Of course twelve year old me would approve. Almost forty year old me should get a sense of humor already.

You don't want to know what's on the reverse sleeve.

Only a hundred of these pressed up from The Mustache Club direct.
Demented video for "Candy Man" below. Sort of safe for work.

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