Friday, February 20, 2015

Bad Daddies on Negative Fun Records - singles club

I just realized Bad Daddies are from Northern California which I wouldn't normally associate with experimental speed punk. What am I talking about? Fast is self explanatory, they routinely manage to jam at least three songs per side but I've been noticing some new elements creeping into their tracks on their latest from the Negative Fun single club. I swear I'm hearing synth in the back of one of these tracks melting down and glitching into digital soup but the way they're playing feedback they have to finally admit they're more than just accidentally standing in front of the amps again.

A-Side's "You Ain't Right" plows in with boosted shimmery frequency cymbals and a guitar distortion that has gaping holes in it, you can see right through this gurgling crunch. Camylle has a hefty delay echo on her vocal as well as they wrangle feedback into some kind of squealing solo, between the hot crackle, using a high hat like a snare. Impossible to lose Camylle in any of these mixes, this thing grows faster and faster pushing their limits, with one last yell from the depths of this punk chasm of "You Ain't Right!" and the beat ends letting the sweet sound of feedback collapse in on itself. One song on a whole side? What are they in their psych period? Is this a Phish cover?

B-Side's "Teenage Hell" has feedback already in progress. I hope these guys wear earplugs so they can still hear the sweet voices of their babies someday. Camylle has an upper register delivery that pierces right through the middle range of this. A weird electronics freakout happens throughout that turns into a single barely audible note that runs right into "I Don't", sounds like they're putting this side together live and create a massive thick noise as soon as they count in with the sticks. Tight and concise, it's bitter agressive stuff thats near breaking guitars. "Head on a rail" uses more feedback labeling them experimental in my book, much thicker low end on this one, and a real brief attack of a melody. I don't know what came over them.

Negative Fun has the entire singles series and can tell you more.

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