Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hot Dolphin on Negative Fun Records singles club

Hot Dolphin is the stuff they accidentally catch while net fishing for Hot Tuna. Don't be stupid, they're a rock four piece from Richmond Virginia with a massively blown out sound that's fuzzy, punk and hardcore. So maybe it is that stuff - no wonder people are pissed. It's the best part.

A-Side's "Body Snatcher" launches a heavy snare explosion right into a springy bass sound, like the stuff on Shellac records but the whole thing comes on with a freakish speed, overdriven many times into the red. I also thought this was playing at the wrong speed with her deep throaty vocals from Lindsey. It's clearly printed 45 and this hyper fuzz would be at an unplayable speed. I don't think I truly understood the level of peaked out fuzz until they pause at the end of a riff, winding up for the next chord and you hear that magnetic tape just giving up. These aren't effects it's the attempt to capture a sound that is beyond comprehension. Just like those guys that go into haunted houses with Infrared goggles and weird UV devices, they're only ever going to get hints at this bigger picture. I don't mind this thin horizontal slice, it's just going to make the live show that much more essential.
B-Side's "Cat Sweaters" is locked into the horrendously (awesome) blown out guitars which are smashed right into the top of things, the drums are splintering those sticks into splinters and managing to be heard under the crunchy thick groove of blanket distortion. Almost taking their time on this one, there's a feedback harmonic hum making up the pauses between verses sound like Low Fat Getting High covering Bikini Kill. Lindsey screams "You're dead to me!" over and over, must be because of the sweaters. "Paint Dry" finds Lindsey's lower creak vocal with a high tempo track about paint drying. You can't say they don't have a sense of humor, managing to get this fully between the limits of the recording device but not the speed. This might be the perfect metaphor for these guys though, if this is the sound of them watching paint dry then everyone else in the world is practically standing still.

Get this from Negative Fun Records direct. Or the whole damn set.

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