Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Intended on All Gone Records

Members of Detroit originals, named after airtight housewrap, Tyvek have released their debut single for a new project called The Intended. Three members of Tyvek; Heath, Kevin and Larry found Glen Morren from oddclouds and Cygnus to add guitar and vocals alongside Kevin. It's been at least three years since their last release on vinyl I can remember and their latest project combines that dusty, cluttered garage with the stark, decrepit modern sound of inner city psych DIY.

A-Side's "The Alchemist" has a heavy, thin sounding guitar with all kinds of cable hum under muffled, pillowy drums. An electric melody finds it's way, lost over top of this the same way that Kevin's vocal is talking flirting with some sort of melody, with a laid back sound like Nodzzz, The Embarrassment or The Feelies with a harder, blown out sound. The whole thing, especially those drums, are rattling the upper limits of this tape in the best way. It's all clear, they just haven't been criticizing themselves about this, put your overdubbed cymbal hat on and get on with it. The whole thing leans into a surf twist ending with phasered high hats while fading into a dream. The effects take over the whole scene and blend into the crashing of waves.
B-Side's "Huguenot" catches them in the middle of basement rehearsal and a heavy wah phaser sound, this must be Glen yelling over this hypnotic psych with the repetition of The Velvet Underground if they sampled that lock groove. Best chorus though - Huguenot / I am not Larry and Heath solidly jam so the rest of these guys can take all sorts of liberties and wandering solos with the sound, aggressively chanting. Switching to the refrain it's as raw and loose as the Tyvek I remember. Mostly that they still have that great knack for constructing a solid, catchy as hell song that seemed to always be on every one of those singles poking through the fuzzy layers.

Hand drawn center label, printed inner paper sleeve like the Sidewalk single. Get it from the band direct on All Gone Records.

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