Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leather "Demo" on Skeltonhead Records

Originally released on cassette in 2009, Skeletonhead Records has reissued philly hardcore band, Leather's debut on clear vinyl. The four song EP comes out swinging with an attention to an earthquakey low end that you don't get from hardcore, let alone a demo. Solid and insanely fast with great vocals from Alex Agran, they mix precision and speed with sludge.

A-Side's "Addicted to Suffering" opens into feedback and these guys have a super low scuzzy sound happening between a the full spectrum thud of their kick and the mutated, gravelly guitar distortion reminding me of The Mayyors low end rumblings. Alex has a high yelling shriek and menacing sneer waiting until the very end of the track to let you know what he's waiting for. On "No Motivation" these guys are taking those hardcore tempos in such a rumbling low end it's giving the whole sound another layer of aggression. Alex manages to keep things just above this sludge holding his own, matching the bite of the growl tuned to each other in one massive, solid wall.
B-Side's "Ejaculation without Orgasm" blasts in a see saw of distortion mixed with a teetering feedback before some stilted rhythm picks up with heavy chords. They don't hold on to any sense of a melody here before switching into an almost metal mix of the harder stuff coming on at the end of verses. Those guitars couldn't help themselves coming from the depths like this, they had to surface sooner or later with squeals. Alex is yelping himself hoarse but is mixed perfectly into the middle of this. "Too Tired" has the toms set a thick concrete tempo before launching into the track. Like the rest of this demo it's highly technical and they throw a lot of changes at each other before it's all blown apart at those lower frequencies.

Pick this up from Skeletonhead Records.

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