Monday, March 30, 2015

Mako1972 on Snappy Little Numbers Records

My yardstick for screaming style vocals and complex intricate guitar lines at deafening volume is At The Drive In. Mako1972 feel like they also remember the massive void left by those guys years ago on this Hubba Bubba color vinyl from Snappy Little Numbers.

A-Side's "Cannonball Lecture" immediately reminded me of those odd, hyper high melodic cycles that ATDI would pull out of some dexterous progression which had no sense of order, just looping chaos. Luke on vocals here has a pretty insane style of straight hardcore screaming and controlled vibrato so completely different it has me wondering if another band member wasn't backing this up anywhere. The high power phrases work on layers of chunkier palmed power chords and the bass and guitar seem to be following each others lead. It's post rock that works out the equations beforehand in long form on the chalkboard to get controlled bursts of instrumentation that go off in succession taking down that abandoned casino with a plunger. Dissonant chords are stacked up and time signatures are halved into weird fractions. It's that new math that these guys must have went back to school for because from here it sounds impossible to figure out.
B-Side's "Even Ghosts Perish" takes a slower trudging approach to this fingerpicked cycle over far off drums in a cave. This could be an example of working with their various influences and incorporating them as a group coming from all sorts of places. It's something of an instrumental Planes Mistaken for Stars melody that suddenly gets muted into low end chunks and Luke appears from some kind of lofty reverb place this time with more of that controlled warble like late '70s metal. This keeps climbing onto an epic plateau above the huge landscape. Not so concerned with precision this time more like hitting the open road where you don't ever see speed limit signs or people for days.

Pick this up from Denver, Colorado's own Alan Lomax, Snappy Little Numbers Records.

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