Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Dangermen on Swashbuckling Hobo Records

The Dangermen are four loose dudes with Rock and roll names from Brisbane, Australia throwing together rowdy, unhinged greasy punk when they are sober enough. It's a universal piss in your face sound that could emerge from anywhere on the planet with the right amount of illegal substances and activities. It's what bands were meant for; be loud dicks and make an ass out of yourself as long as you don't end up like that dickhead on the cover.

A-Side's "Everybody" opens on a hum feedback in progress just the right kind of silence before the distortion bomb starts and Zoltane The Maniac on vocals starts right in snarling at the jerks walking down the street. The best part is of course the chorus "fuck you / fuck everybody", on constant repeat. I'm not for sucker punching traders coming out of the Nasdaq but it doesn't hurt to claim a little bit of art back for the underground, I sympathize with the sentiment. It doesn't get more primal then this nihilism. Can we all live together like that? No but I still think that Puck was the most interesting character on the Real World - probably of all time. We might need these guys to be fucking themselves up because we can't anymore. Hey Dangermen, tell me about that time you puked on the guy driving the tour van just when you ran out of gas somewhere in the outback again.
B-Side's "Executive" has an intro of perpetual feedback and their shit-ton of crunchy layered distortion squeezing through the speaker cones like the A-Side. Their new target is the executive which they approach with their lyrical mastery: "I hope you die". Zoltane sounds like he's about to throw up in his gravelly just barely able to follow this regular tempo. I think the backup vocal is just a repeated tempo of "cunt / cunt / cunt" in that classy way that doesn't have quite the same connotation it does in the states. Almost a term of endearment. They're all in.

Get this from Swashbuckling Hobo Records.

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