Friday, March 20, 2015

The Seeers on the Windian Records subscription series

I missed Rob Ulsh's latest project The Seeers when they passed through Brooklyn maybe a year ago now and just realized now that this single in the Windian subscription series is their first release. I knew Rob from his last project, The Super Vacations and before I even made that connection (because I'm slow - and sort of deaf apparently) I had thought about the connections between the two.

A-Side's "Without Lites" has a lot in common with The Vacations stuff, and for my money this is a change in name only, Rob and Ross are still nailing that smooth layered psych vocal delivery the only way they know how. I recognize the chorus phrasing right away and that's a testament to their unique songwriting in this garage psych sound. They hit on this hyper dense seasoned sound with the vocals just floating by themselves above the rough chords just like they used to. Maybe a little bit more emphasis on the distortion tones and tempo that's flying in contrast to the somewhat laid back vocal delivery. Unlike psych this one has only a couple of minutes to bang it out.
B-Side's "In Jail, In my Mind, on a Prison Planet" comes on heavier than that A-Side and Rob is still up there in that tower in the clouds barely straining over these rougher power chords. It's like they take all of that meandering jam sound and jangle and compact it down into a frantic minute and a half. The guitars even twist into springy reverb for a measure of outer space solo only to be crushed back down by a punk blast of that chorus. I love what these guys have been up to whatever they're called.

This is the only thing The Seeers have out as of right now and you can even pick this up if alone if you can't spring for the whole set, with sleeve or not, Windian will give it to you.

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