Monday, March 23, 2015

The Morons on Maraca Records

Just like The Reatards or The Vomit Pigs when naming your band it's best to set low/hilarious expectations. When I went to an art summer camp and started a band (of course) called Conehead Move it was because that's what the adult floor monitor, Bill used to tell us not to do all time. The Morons, a three piece out of Chicago have set the bar equally high for themselves. This way when Brendan is too fucked up to count in or Jake's bass is broken again who really gives a shit. That's the pushing 40 dad's dream; to hit the road with two other friends in a van with no idea what you're about to get into and having the best/worst three months ever. The name is perfect.

A-Side's "Crackin' Up" - You know that first track on the 13th floor elevators first record "You're Gonna Miss Me"? To this day it's fucking completely wild and out of control bluesy, blown out sounding and these guys are capturing that controlled cathartic mess. They have it way more together than I imagined in that intro too. They get right to the very heart of the sloppy garage sound with skill and even more attitude of course. Throw in a real serious solo that shouldn't even be called that actually, it's an expression of this mental breakdown they're describing. Plus when this thing ends you hear that reverb echo just bouncing off the walls.
"Disco Diablo" god damn perfect song about living above a disco. Who even knows if that's a thing anymore but it must be - I'm completely on these guys side now. Coming home late after work, he's going to understandably lose his mind. They blast into this hyper Jeff the Brotherhood sound with flying V chords, voice cracking, all the guys blasting out this chorus. Just messy sounding to balance out their obvious talent, that name is more of a smokescreen or they are just fucking modest.
B-Side's "Madelyn" slows things down for more bluesy Natural Child sound, lots of soul, waking up busted, a lady is involved. Old rusty classic cars. These chords sound like the strings have all been tuned down so they rattle across the fretboard as they lean into these versus about this dangerous impossible to hold onto lady. They have that same wounded snarl as the boys from Nashville, letting those chords just ring out, settling into this rock country groove that's all about these three yelling at the top of their lungs about not being alone. "I can't wait" has a faster chorus punk sound with the mic just blown out, and the rest of the gang backing up every word. Bendy feeling solo and this guy is a total mess trying to date this girl but in a loveable Nodzzz goof way that's endearing. Not only are they just being modest but now you're going to introduce them to your sister. I'm going to give her their number.

Get this from the band direct, only 100 pressed. Hop to it.

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