Monday, April 13, 2015

Kappa Chow on Kiss the Void Records

Joe from Kappa Chow has a point in this interview with Secret East. The five piece from New Brunswick Canada have pretty much no online presence, no bandcamp, no Facebook, no site of any kind in a deliberate move to get those people who really want to hear it to pick it up. You'll have to email Joe directly and see if he's willing to ship this south of the border but you can get a feel from the video from A-Side's "Jump" which starts out slow and sinister as a distanced sax and big distortion sounds wash together while a stripped down tom/snare kit bangs away in the middle of a huge cave. Playing with psych reverb big sounds Halcyon her vocal with a solid melody in this late '80s sounding combination of Psychedelic Furs, Martha and the Muffins and midwest experimental stuff like Pere Ubu. These swashes of wide harsh guitar sounds alongside the classy sax could also be some kind of Siouxsie B-Side. Joe is back there with his response to Jump and making sure the high scratchy guitar stays unclassifiable and weird, grinding the gravelly distortion into dust. Mostly it's the slow groove of this one with the unusual instrumentation that makes me nostalgic for psych 'alternative' of the '90s. Doesn't sound like much else out there at the moment in a good way.
B-Side "Something Better to Do" spins up with a real crunchy succession of riffs in a jam fueled country bbq kicker. Joe and friends are all delivering vocals around the campfire, standing up crowded into the mic. Pounding out caveman beats with extra tambourine, invite everyone, blast the sax way out there in the field, we'll pick it up. Turn the amps up just outside the kitchen, this is real celebration psych that has pieces of Beat Happening or The Brian Jones Massacre. A real collaboration about loss and loneliness but the track sounds like anything but. Get friends together, play some music in the garage - feel better.

Get it from the band direct, email Joe at jchamandy at hotmail. Video for 'Jump' below:

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